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Providing cleaning solutions to purify the air the in your home or business

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EPA-logo1-275x300The EPA list Indoor Air Pollution as the top 5
environmental health risk today!

IICRCWe provide services that help mitigate indoor air pollutants. Having your air-ducts properly cleaned will reduce the amount of dust, debris, and harmful air pollutants from your home. Carpet Cleaning cleaning also removes major amounts of dust that is trapped inside the fibers of your carpet. All of our service are designed to make the air you breathe in your home more safe for you and your family.

air duct cleanedDon’t let you and your family breathe polluted air
Let Pure Air Service Purify Your Home!

Professional Cleaning Services
pure air-service
proudly provides professional, quality cleaning services at great values for both residential and commercial properties throughout the greater metropolitan areas of seattle,washington and phoenix az


Our goal at pure air-service is to form a life-long relationship with each of our client, and to treat them with the utmost care and respect. We do this by providing unparalleled customer and technical service, for an unbeatable value, so that you remember pure air-service each time you need your Air Ducts, Carpets or Tile floors cleaned and serviced.


Specializing in Indoor Air Quality, pure air-service has developed a thorough, 4 step process for cleaning HVAC systems. Dust, mold and other potentially harmful contaminants are thoroughly eliminated from your home, providing you with fresh, clean indoor air, while saving you money!

As experts in Floor Care, pure air-service also provides top-notch carpet and tile cleaning, using the most safe and effective equipment and techniques. Trust pure air-service to remove that persistent spot in your carpet, and to carefully maintain the beautiful luster and finish on your hard surface floors.

In addition to providing services for your regular home maintenance, pure air-service can save or restore your home in the event of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. With 30-minute response teams on standby around the clock, pure air-service is prepared to respond quickly when you need immediate Water Extraction to save your home, due to a flood or leak, and can also provide complete Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration after the fact.

Finally, when a property has been damaged or neglected, the presence of mold can pose a great risk to your family’s health and to the value of your home. pure air-service is a certified provider of Mold Removal services. Wherever the mold may be lurking, pure air-service has all the equipment and training needed to locate and eliminate this hazardous contaminant.
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